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Covered Bridge Festival results...

Hi Everyone!  It's been ages and ages, I know.  We moved at the end of the summer, and a whole bunch of other yuck came with that, as any of you who have moved can relate.  All in all it gave me about 6 weeks to get ready for the largest festival in Indiana, the Covered Bridge Festival.  I had to give it a try just to see if I could run with the big dogs.  It was killer, but I pretty much broke even and I learned TONS, which is invaluable. 

One of the coolest parts was meeting this lovely lady, who was my neighbor:

Elizabeth's Art Work

This is just her tent at Covered Bridge

Her windows are lovely.

We traded.  She got some jewelry, and I got a nifty shop sign.  I've never had one of those before!  She painted my logo on a big glass mirror, and it looks AMAZING (and HELLO, upcycling!!).  Now all I have to do is decide if I'm going to wire work a frame or frame it with wood.  I know that I *should* wire work it...but maybe some big antique looking wood frame and some copper leaf would be easier.

In other news, Hecate's is once again open for business on Etsy.  Everything you see here is available and ready to ship.

In the works

What I'm working on right this minute is a fantastical czech glass flower and brass confection of a bracelet.  There are large flowers, small flowers, layered and tiered flowers and brass, with leaves intertwined.  It doesn't hang from a chain, it *is* the chain.  Two tiny little inches are done, and I'm already in love!  Here's a sneak peek:

There are also THREE NEW swirl varieties being added to the earring section this weekend.  I have them available in both bright and oxidized brass, and in an oxidized, twisted sterling version that you won't want to miss.

Visit now, come back often!!

A FABULOUS fellow Etsy seller is giving away one of her custom made felt matryoshka doll hair clips via the blog 3 Four and Under.  There are several really, really easy ways to enter to win, which I've already done a couple of times myself.

Go check it out!  I mean, how cute are these?? [clicking the picture will take you right to the Two Kazoos shop]

Win it Wednesday!

Possibly the start of everyone's new, favorite tradition--Win it Wednesday.

I have gone a little loopy from having been home with my daughter all day.  She wasn't feeling well, so she had a day on the sofa, and mommy had a day at the craft bench.  It's left me really, really itchy to get my jewelry in someone's hands, or on their ears, or around their neck...you know what I mean.

Therefore, I have opened an eBay auction.  Yes, eBay.  Remember them?  Now you'll have to go digging for your password, because I know you don't use the same one for everything, as that just wouldn't be secure.  What am I auctioning?  A pair of finely hand crafted Simple Swirl Earrings in .925 sterling.  The starting bid was $.25.  Yes. Really.  A QUARTER. 

Go check it out.  Go one further, and even if you don't plan on bidding, do me a HUGE favor and "watch" it.  When I see people watching an auction it makes me all giddy.

Hecate's Simple Swirl Earrings on eBay

Contest Winner!!

With ONE completed response from a new fan of Hecate's page on Facebook...our winner is Kris Strehlow-Cooper, aka kayshan !  Congratulations, Kris!
You get your choice of a tie chain for your hunny, or a lovely pair of Simple Swirl earrings in either silver or copper, with a few sets of interchangeable baubles.  Let me know however you'd like, and we'll get your prize right out to you.

Everyone else, thank you so much for playing!

This was my first attempt at a contest, and next time I'll try to make it less complicated.

Until then, go take a gander at the new listings on Etsy.  Lots of beautiful things to see, and more on the way.

And now, what you've all been waiting for--The Hecate's Contest!

What is it?

It's a referral contest.  Many of you recently became fans of Hecate's on facebook by clicking on my ad. The rest of you are probably people that I know personally, either the old fashioned way or through the internet.  THE BEST advertisement is word of mouth.  Therefore, I'm asking YOU to ask your friends to become my fans.

How do I enter?

You need to do FOUR things.

1) Go to Hecate's on facebook.
2) Use the "Suggest to Friends," and/or the "Share" links to tell the people on your friends list to "Like" the page.
3) Tell your friends that they MUST POST A REPLY TO THIS THREAD saying you referred them.  Send them a link and make it easy as possible. They MUST NOT POST ANONYMOUSLY!  I have to verify that they are a new fan on facebook.
4) POST HERE yourself and say that you made a referral.  Any referral.  I need your info to tell you that you've won.  Please leave your email.

Blame facebook for #3 & #4.  They won't allow business to host giveaways on a basic page. 

How do I win?

The person who has the most referrals between Sunday, 2/27 and Saturday 3/5 at 11:59 pm EST per the above instructions wins.

More Importantly, WHAT do I win?

The winner will receive his or her choice of a pair of Simple Swirl Earrings in either Copper or .925 Sterling Silver with TWO sets of baubles OR a custom tie chain.  What's a tie chain?  A chic gentlemen's accessory that attaches to a shirt button, goes around a neck tie, and keeps it from flopping into your soup.  It's an alternative to a tie tack, with the special bonus of not poking a hole through your beautiful silk tie.  Also your choice of copper or sterling, plain or with one of several stones.  To be perfectly clear, choose either earrings or tie chain.

How will I know if I've won?

I will post your name all over the place here, at this very blog.  I'll let all my fans know per the facebook fan page that the post is up, but again, goofy facebook rules won't allow me to post the name of the contest winner on facebook.

Happy referring!

Disclaimer: this contest is in no way hosted by, generated by, or endorsed by facebook.  Any and all information I collect from any entrant will be used for the sole purpose of this specific contest.  I will not SPAM you with advertising or sell your info or do any of the other evil crap you might be justifiably worried about with your email address, or if you win, your physical address.  Winner can be anyone, old fan or new.  Watch out, competition may be stiff!

In case you missed it: DO NOT POST ANONYMOUSLY!  I have to be able to verify that you're an actual new fan of the page to keep it fair.


For a few hours only, you can purchase these newly listed earrings at HALF OFF of their actual price of $36.00.  That's $18.00 for these tiny works of art, hand crafted by me from the ear wires on down.  The only thing I didn't get to do was cut the stones--one of these days I'll learn that, too!

Copper is rich and beautiful and makes lovely jewelry.  It's light weight, and easy to care for.  It will tarnish over time, adding to its natural beauty, but if you prefer to keep it shiny you can polish it with metal polish you can purchase at the grocery store.  Just make sure to keep chemicals off of the citrine stones and the rosy ends of the pins. 

Here's your TMI for the day:

The red color forms from oxidizing the copper and quickly stopping the process.  This is copper (I) oxide, or cuprous oxide.  What that means in plain English is that when I take the copper out of the flame after forming the ball, I drop it right into water to douse it, and the red stuff forms on the surface.  If I was to allow the copper to cool slowly it would form copper (II) oxide, or cupric oxide, and would just be black.  Both the red and the black come off in an acid bath, aka copper polish.

How I stay so productive:

I have LOTS of skilled help!

Yes, he's chewing the wire.  Yes, I keep taking it away from him.  No, I am not using cat-chewed wire to make your jewelry, though that's one idea for an entirely new line, I suppose...


New Items Listed Today

So far today I've listed four new items over at Hecate's:

Two pairs of baubles for Simple Swirl Earrings, some terrific new hoop earrings, and a Fire Agate and sterling bracelet.  For the bracelet, I made the toggle clasp myself to add that Hecate's flair.  My particular point of pride was in not burning myself even once while using the torch!
Check it out.

What might be so nifty about these new hoop earrings, you ask? Well, they're super comfortable and easy to wear.  I usually can't sleep in earrings, and I made myself a pair of these and haven't taken them out it four days.  There are no pointy ends, no sharp edges, no little holes to fart around with.  I flattened on end and very lightly hammered the other.  The end result is that you just gently twist apart, put the hoop in your ear, and then gently twist back together.  The flat ends fit together creating and endless-looking loop that won't fall out, no matter what you're up to.  Only the 5/8" is available right now, but both smaller and larger versions are coming.

Make SURE you stop by this weekend.  I'll be having a referral contest, with the winner to get free jewelry.  Free stuff!  Who doesn't like that?

This week's Work in Progress

I have a small variety of items available for sale, as usual, they're mostly lovely earrings and include my Simple Swirl line.  However, I don't have a single bauble available for sale!  This week's work in progress is to build a stock of basic bauble styles for everyday wear with the Simple Swirl earrings.  So far I have basic black and bigger basic black waiting to be photographed. Look for new styling details--I can't wait to introduce these!

If YOU have a favorite stone or favorite color feel free to share in the comments.

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